Welcome to the WOTBaby app website. WOTBaby is an early parenting resource for parents of babies up to 12 months. My name is Jen Hamilton and I’m a mum to three beautiful children and an experienced mothercraft nurse with over 30 years’ experience caring for babies.

I’ve experienced firsthand the highs and lows of being a new parent. I know how hard, confusing and extremely tiring it can be, especially in the early days when you feel unsure.

If you’ve made it here then there’s a good chance you’re in need of some support. And sleep. That’s where I come in. I created WOTBaby for you.

WOT stands for Windows of Time — the early parenting philosophy I designed to help you create a routine that’s right for you and your baby, to help them understand what’s coming next, and for you to get some much-needed sleep!

There’s an app for newborns up to six months, and a comprehensive e-book — The WOTBaby Bible — for babies up to 12 months.

My Philosophy

Is simple: If you are armed with relevant facts and have a consistent plan to follow, you’ll respond to your baby with confidence. Your experience of being a new parent will be a much more relaxed one. Confident parents = contented babies.

I’ve documented my 30 years’ of experience working with hundreds of families to help them establish healthy routines into two, easy-to-use resources.

I hope both help you become the confident parent I know you can be.

Download the app or buy the bible.

Love, Jen xo

P.S. I also do home visits and phone consultations. Find out more and book here.