Jen’s much-anticipated early parenting digital book, The WOTBaby Bible, is now available to purchase.

A (very) extended version of The WOTBaby Early Parenting App, this digital book will answer the questions you have about caring for your new baby, and will help you become a confident parent.

Over 10 detailed chapters, Jen shares her 30 years’ of experience working as a mothercraft nurse and what she’s learnt caring for thousands of newborns.

Flowcharts and Suggested Routines

You can expect detailed flowcharts and suggested routines, information and early parenting wisdom broken out by age group.

Chapter Overview

  • Foreword by Zoe Marshall
  • Chapter 01: About Jen
  • Chapter 02: About WOTBaby
  • Chapter 03: Feeding
  • Chapter 04: Play
  • Chapter 05: Sleep
  • Chapter 06: Routine
  • Chapter 07: Newborn Reflexes and Crying
  • Chapter 08: Dummies, Sleep, Wrapping, the Dream Feed and Resettling
  • Chapter 09: Introducing the Bottle
  • Chapter 10: WOT Flow Charts and Suggested Routine
  • Conclusion by Jen Hamilton

If you’re tired of conflicting advice and not receiving the support and guidance you (we all) need as a new parent, maybe you lack confidence with your practical parenting skills, or, maybe you’re just really bloody tired and want to implement a routine that’s right for your family — The WOTBaby Bible will help, guide and support you in those first 12 months.

If you follow the steps, get out of the way, refrain from making it about your emotions and focus on what the baby needs, I promise you your baby will sleep. — Zoe Marshall