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An Australian first, this app provides week by week age appropriate development milestones and tackles the myriad of challenges parents may navigate through, such as feeding, settling, sleeping and routine establishment.
Get to know your baby as you establish feeding and become familiar with the day to day management of caring for your baby. Be aware of what the first few weeks may bring and know what to expect.
Get to know your baby's changing behaviours as he/she wakes up to their big new world. Understand how new stimulations and experiences have an affect. Know how to manage this new behaviour using appropriate techniques.
6-12 WEEKS
Distraction and fussiness can effect feeding, settling and sleep. Understand challenging behaviours and be consistent with management techniques to gently encourage a routine that works best for you and your baby.
Understand how your baby's behaviours are becoming learnt behaviours. Be aware of how your baby is learning new skills and habits through your consistency. Gently start encouraging the habits you want your baby to come to know.
Understand routine and what it really means for your family. Know which routine works best for you. Manage changes in feeding habits such as weaning and the introduction of solid foods.


Suggested patting technique to assist you with settling your baby at 6-12 weeks of age.
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Make informed decisions that are right for your family, Gently teach your baby to feed, settle and sleep well and Determine what routine works for you and your baby.

    I approached Jen when I was at my wits end. Cameron (Cam) had been very unsettled since his birth. All of my experienced friends had told me that this is how newborns were and that things would start to settle down once he reached 3 months.


    A friend of mine recommended Jennifer to me after trying to  settle my beautiful baby girl in her day sleeps. Sienna was an erratic day sleeper with typical catnapping traits and by the end of the day she was so exhausted, resulting in hours of heart wrenching screaming.


    Jennifer is a true baby guru. We were feeling overwhelmed with conflicting advice and needed some one to just give us some clear direction. We contacted Jen wanting advice on settling, breast feeding and weaning. She was a fountain of knowledge and delivered all the information in no-nonsense, gentle way, without being bossy or patronising.


    I suffered like a martyr for five months, thinking that it was completely acceptable and normal for my baby to be waking three or four times through the night and not be settling well throughout the day. I reached out to a friend and she referred me to Jennifer.


    “I have used Jennifer’s settling techniques & routine guidelines for all of my 3 children and it has been an absolute godsend. I first used Jennifer’s support and guidance with William (now 4 ½ years), and it gave me the confidence to trust what I was doing. I used it again with Olivia (2 years) and she was a completely different baby who tested me on everything and was a lot more demanding. But with persistence and consistency as suggested by Jennifer, she settled beautifully.”.

  • Janine and baby Ruby

    Ruby is our first beloved baby and not having had much experience with babies before, the experience was somewhat overwhelming. It was exacerbated by our immense lack of sleep.

  • Baby Eva

    Sally and baby Eva

    I contacted Jen because my 6 month old had no routine and as a result was overtired and hyperactive all day every day. Eva could not self settle, was not feeding properly and was waking often overnight. I felt completely out of my depth and became obsessed and anxious thinking I was doing something wrong. Jen basically wiped the slate clean and started again with a routine that changed Eva into a new baby. Jen didn't just give me a schedule to follow, but she provided me with the reasons behind the routine so it made sense to me. It has boosted my confidence and I finally feel like I am in control, my baby is way less fussy and she isn't always confused as to what's coming next! I like to be out and about so the routine also allows for flexibility so you're not confined to home. I downloaded Jen's new app 'wot baby' which I use as a go to if I am curious about something in relation to her feeding or sleeping. I would absolutely recommend Jen's app and knowledge to any mums out there. I now have a baby who feeds without a fuss, loves her solids, sleeps 3 or so hours a day, sleeps through the night and is super happy! And that was all within the first couple of days!

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